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Expend your R&D

Get the best developers for your team

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What we are?

We are not yet another software
development company.

We understand you need an R&D team/extend your R&D team but we also understand you need it to match your company & market.

IT house was established to gather the best developers under one house and provide you top notch development power under your company.

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Grow with Us!

We listen, we hear, we learn,
we accommodate, we act.

You are the pilot of your dreams.
We trust your judgements, expertise and visions.

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Why us?

Because we are
different than all others

  • No compromises

    - It arrogant we know but we recruit only the best

  • Match your needs

    - Choose your developers (get CV, interview...)

  • Culture & Coding goes together

    - We train them not only to code but also to think, and work the way you used to

  • True coloration

    - We Overcome communication barriers making you feel your team is next to you

  • Cost effective
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Vinnytsia, Marii Lytvynenko-Volhemut Street, 3
Vinnytsia, Zamostyans'ka Street, 15
Kyiv, Krutyi descent 7, 9 floor
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